Project Thread: Content Maintenance Process Update Phase 1

Project Overview

Project Objective: Create comprehensive and sustainable process for maintaining content on Learn WordPress.

Based on the feedback from Proposal: Learn WordPress Content Maintenance Process, we will align as a team on what our content maintenance priorities are for Learn, research what modern learning sites do with out of date content, utilize data to make informed decisions, and publish documentation on our content maintenance process.

Project Members

Project lead: TBD

Members: @piyopiyofox @zoonini

Project Timeline

Start: July 1, 2024

End: November 30, 2024



As the Training Team, let’s discuss and align on the follow question: What is Learn WordPress’s north star and content commitments?

  • For example, we have the WordPress Codex, Documentation, and Developer handbook sites which contain plenty of out of date content for those not on the most recent versions of WordPress. Do we really feel it’s necessary to duplicate this content further on Learn WordPress?
  • Is Learn WordPress the site where folks come to about the most relevant and up to date content on WordPress? Is it the place where we encourage and guide folks to be at the forefront of the software?

Deadline: September 15, 2024


  • What do other modern learning sites do with out of date / irrelevant content?
  • What is the current view rate for Lesson Plans and Tutorials (Document started) on Learn?

Deadline: October 31, 2024

Plan & Document

  • Develop the deprecation/out of date evaluation framework
  • Create a data-driven framework and review checklist for content deprecation inclusive of:
    • Reviewing the view stats of video content marked for deprecation (Ex. If we are seeing low viewership for certain out of date content, then we deem it safe to deprecate)
    • Have a two review process, with a third review to “tie break” as needed
    • Research what other modern learning websites (even for certain products) leave deprecated/out of date content up on their Learning sites and how do they maintain that content?
  • Set up bi-annual review cycle

Deadline: November 30, 2024