Request for feedback: AI-generated voiceovers for video content

Recently, I was experimenting with using AI-generated voices for Learning Pathway lessons. Below are two short examples, using two different AI-generated voices:

While it’s clear that the voices are AI-generated, the quality is very good. I was able to put these two videos together very quickly, using my own script, the AI-generated voice, and my own visuals. Much quicker than if I had recorded and edited it myself.

There are some considerations to this approach:

  • It would need to be clearly stated that the videos are using AI-generated voices
  • Currently, our guidelines require that the video presenter is properly vetted. In this case, the presenter is a digital construct, so it might require an update to our guidelines.

So my question is, what does the training team think of these videos? Do we feel that if we used AI-generated voices it would enhance or diminish our lesson content. What are the pros and cons to this?