Looking for feedback: Thumbnails for the Learn redesign

Design has also created thumbnail templates to be used across multiple media assets used in the WordPress project. For the Training Team specifically, these would be used for course/lesson featured images on Learn, videos uploaded to YouTube, and Online Workshop thumbnails added to Meetup.com. The team would start using these thumbnails as part of the redesign work currently happening on Learn.

Please take a moment to generate thumbnails using the provided template and provide your feedback in the comments by April 19th.

Follow the instructions below to download the Figma file to your computer and generate images there.

  1. Create and login to your Figma account at https://www.figma.com/
  2. Download the template file.
  3. Import the file into Figma by going to the Figma homepage and clicking on “Import” in the top-right corner.
  4. Follow the directions described in the file to generate visuals.

Out of the templates provided, Training would be using the following:

  • Topic as image: Course/lesson featured images
  • Title only: Lesson video thumbnails on YouTube
  • Title and guest & Title and multiple guests: Online Workshop thumbnails on Meetup.com

Then, please leave your feedback below. Here are some questions that would be particularly helpful for the design team.

  1. Is the process clear? Suggestions on the copy and the step by step flow are very useful.
  2. Did you export the visuals as expected?
  3. Did you face any problem during the process? Which ones?
  4. Is any helpful information missing?

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