Request for feedback: Training Contributor badge requirements for code contributions

It has been brought to my attention by the Training Team Reps that the requirements for achieving a Training Contributor Badge for code contributions to the Learn WordPress codebase are rather vague:

You should significantly contribute to the Learn website by adding or modifying features. This would include writing a feature enhancement or fixing a bug.

I would like to suggest that we update those guidelines so that it is clearer what the requirements are to achieve the badge specifically for code contributions.

I propose we update the guidelines as follows:

You have created or reviewed at least 3 pull requests, either bug fixes or enhancements, to be merged into the Learn WordPress codebase. These pull requests need to have also been reviewed and approved by at least one member of the Training Team Faculty or the WordPress MetaMeta Meta is a term that refers to the inside workings of a group. For us, this is the team that works on internal WordPress sites like WordCamp Central and Make WordPress. team.

  • By replacing significantly contribute with at least 3 pull requests, we make the goal clearer and easier to understand.
  • By including the requirement of a second review from either a member of the Training Faculty or the WordPress Meta team (which we work closely with to deployDeploy Launching code from a local development environment to the production web server, so that it's available to visitors. Learn WordPress changes and updates), we can ensure that pull requests are reviewed correctly.

Updating code contribution documentation to align with these changes.

It has also been brought to my attention that we have two Handbook page that relate to contributing code to Learn WordPress:

I suggest that we merge the Code contributions page into the Developing Learn WordPress page (possibly replacing the Contributing code section, adding a section on the suggested code review process, and a note on achieving the Training Contributor Badge.

Call for feedback.

What do you think of the suggested updates? Please leave your thoughts on this post by Friday, 26 January 2023.