Expertise needed: Learn how to vet content topic ideas for the Training Team

Summary: The Training Team is looking for community members to join the team as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)! SMEs lend their expertise by vetting content topic ideas and becoming sounding boards for the Content Creators that develop content. We’ll be hosting Online Workshops to demonstrate these tasks and answer any questions.

Online Workshop: How to vet content topic ideas for the WordPress Training Team

Both workshops will cover the same content. (Learn WordPress) is the WordPress project’s official learning platform. Contributors from all around the world create new content for Learn WordPress regularly.

Before a piece of content is created, the topic of that content is vetted for accuracy and relevance. Learning objectives are set, and related resources are collected. These tasks are completed by the team’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). SMEs may also be contacted by Content Creators as the content is being developed, assisting by providing additional information to create accurate and informative content.

If you are interested in sharing your expertise and contributing to the Training Team as an SME, then great! Come join one of the Online Workshops mentioned at the top of this posts, where we’ll walk you through the tasks of an SME and answer any questions you may have.

To get the most out of these Online Workshops, make sure you have: