Proposal: Let’s actively promote the Learn WordPress platform in Learn WordPress content


As a team, let’s find opportunities in our content where we can actively promote the Learn WordPress platform more.


I was involved in multiple conversations recently where the Training Team’s Brand Usage Guidelines and Promotional Guidelines were being discussed. As the WordPress project evolves, and as the needs of contributors/learners change, it’s good practice to approach our guidelines with curiosity – Why are the guidelines set the way they are? Are they still applicable to us today? Are revisionsRevisions The WordPress revisions system stores a record of each saved draft or published update. The revision system allows you to see what changes were made in each revision by dragging a slider (or using the Next/Previous buttons). The display indicates what has changed in each revision. needed to better reflect our mission?

A few concerns were being discussed in these recent conversations:

  • Should content on Learn WordPress link to individual/business websites or social media accounts?
  • Should content on Learn WordPress link to external educational websites about WordPress?
  • What extent (if any) of prior contributions should we seek in content creators for Learn WordPress?

I see the fact these questions were raised as a sign that the Training Team is growing! We’re seeing more contributors getting involved with content creation. And these content creators are coming from a more diverse background than we’ve historically seen in the team.

There were a few underlying trains of thought that led to the discussion points above:

  • What is a good balance between content creators giving “selfless contribution” and receiving “reasonable exposure” for their contributions?
  • What is a healthy relationship between Learn WordPress and other educational platforms that teach WordPress? What if these platforms require payment for their resources?
  • Is it important that content creators have a track record of making general contributions to WordPress before they make content for Learn WordPress? And if so, how can that be objectively assessed?

For each of these thoughts, there were a wide range of opinions. And since opinions varied, I tried to flip the questions around in my mind. Rather than focusing on what we don’t want to happen, is there any practice we are wanting to happen more?


I propose that we, as a team, actively look for opportunities in our content to promote the Learn WordPress platform. For example, what about concluding every Tutorial and Online Workshop recording with an invitation for folks to come to Learn WordPress to learn more? This would be similar to what many YouTubers do at the end of a video, asking viewers to come to their channel to see more content.

Currently, the team guidelines allow presenters to make reasonable callouts to their social media accounts. How about we add, though, to always call out the Learn WordPress platform as the final call-to-action in a piece of content? I can see this being easily applied to video content (Tutorials and Online Workshops,) but we could probably do the same in Courses, too.

As a start to this discussion, a new section has been added to the team handbook on Promotional Guidelines titled Actively promote Learn WordPress and other official WordPress content. What are your thoughts of this proposal, and the new section in the handbook? Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Thank you to @angelasjin for input when writing this post.