Brainstorm – WordCamp Europe 2023 Contributor Day

Only a month left to Contributor Day at WordCamp Europe 2023! In preparation for the day, we’d like to invite you to share your ideas of what contributors at the Training Team table can get involved with on that day.

Below are some ideas to kick-start discussions. Feel free to comment on this post with your ideas, too!

This brainstorming is open until May 22nd (Monday).

Team reps and table leads will consider all ideas and publish a post with a final plan by May 30th.

Experienced Contributors

  • Review Ready for Review content.
  • Create content for Recent Releases.
  • Local Ambassador for locale (We can explore the opportunities to work with a local Ambassador who represents one locale and help the contributors to translate Lean WordPress Content)

New Contributors

  • Contributors walk through the Onboarding Paths
  • Review online courses and submit feedback
  • Review published content and submit an error report
    • Spelling mistakes
    • Outdated content
    • Something is not clear and needs improvement
    • Screenshot/images missing.

Props: Thanks to @bsanevans for reviewing this post.