Training Team Meeting Recap for April 4, 2023

This meeting followed this meeting agenda post. You can see conversations from the meeting in this Slack Log. (If you don’t have a SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at account, you can set one up.)

(We have alternated our weekly team meetings according to the timezone. This week we are having the Team Meeting in the APAC timezone, and a Coffee Hour was held in the Americas/EMEA timezone at Tuesday 17:00 UTC.)

1. Introductions and Welcome

There are 21 attendees, either live or async:

@bsanevans, @Chetan200891, @Webtechpooja, @HarjeetSingh, @dhanendran, @sagarladani, @pitamdey, @sumitsingh, @faguni22, @askaryabbas, @piyushmultidots, @digitalchild, @onealtr, @psykro, @vanpariyar, @afrin29, @eboxnet, @lada7042, @nomadskateboarding, @courtneypk, @west7.

Welcome to the team (Slack usernames): @kdevnel ,@Kyle@derventzie@Sardar Monsur,  @Harjeet Singh , @Corina L,  @Fishon AMOS.

2. News

➡️ Meeting Note Takers

Meeting recap notes are one of the best ways to get started contributing to a team, and you can find details on how to write notes on this handbook page.

➡️ Streamlining meeting agenda/recap posts

Currently, the team posts very similar content on the meeting agenda and recap posts. Team reps are considering how we can streamline this better.

Here are two ideas we’ve had:

  1. Post an agenda in GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner., and publish a recap as a blog post. (This will reduce the number of posts on the blog, too, potentially making it easier to follow the information that gets published there.).
  2. Publishing a detailed agenda on the blog, and writing notable discussions in the comments of the post.

Regarding the above two options, @webtechpooja, @sumitsingh & @courtneypk voted for option 1(idea 1).

➡️ New team update

Each month, Training Team reps publish an update to the entire WordPress project about the progress the team made in the last month. You can read the most recent update here: What’s new on Learn WordPress in March 2023.

:arrow_right: New handbook pages

Team reps and faculty members are always updating the team handbook to document team processes better. This week, these two new pages were published:

:arrow_right: Proposal: How to run a Learn WordPress course cohort

This new proposal is looking for your feedback by April 7th. Please leave your comments on the post by the end of the week.

:arrow_right: News from other WordPress teams

Last week, a new version of WordPress was released – 6.2 :partying_face:

Has everyone updated their sites to 6.2 already? What is your favorite feature from the new release?

The best part for @webtechpooja & @bsanevans was site editor BetaBeta A pre-release of software that is given out to a large group of users to trial under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through alpha testing in-house and are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, design changes often occur as part of the process. label removed. @sumitsingh liked the “Meet the reimagined Site Editor” under 6.2  part. @nomadskateboarding mentioned his favourite part as Style Book.

Also noting: Call for volunteers to help with 6.2 end user documentation.

:arrow_right: Announcement: Temporarily relocating on-hold projects from the meeting agenda to GitHub

Until last week, at the end of each meeting, we had a section titled “Other projects” where we would ask project leads for an update. However, some projects move slower than others, and we don’t want to burden folks with excess notifications.

From this week, we will exclude the on-hold projects from the meeting agenda and add them back when they are resumed. You will find a note about these paused projects on the Team’s Administration GitHub board.

:arrow_right: Contributor badges were awarded last week

Last week, @esratpopy and @karthickmurugan were awarded Training Contributor Badges for their contribution to hosting Online Workshops, and translating content on Learn WordPress:training:.

3. Creating content for the WordPress 6.2 release

WordPress 6.2 was released last week, and we have a few more items we’d like to get published. You can find all content labeled 6.2 on our GitHub project board. Here are some items we’re still looking for volunteers for.

:arrow_right: Looking for Content Creators (vetted topics with no assignee) CC: @faculty-content-creators

:arrow_right: Looking for Subject-Matter Experts (topics not yet vetted) CC: @faculty-smes

4. Content published in the last week

We had 4 Tutorials published in the last week. Thank you to everyone who was involved in getting these published!

5. Open requests for review

You can find all content in the review stage in our GitHub project board. Here are a list of items waiting for a review right now.

We’re also looking for translation reviewers for the following content.

6. Project updates

Here are some projects the team is currently working on. Would anyone like to provide an update?

:arrow_right: Content Localization Foundation – @bsanevans

  • Please see March 27th update for a breakdown of content translated so far.
  • We had another Tamil lesson plan published yesterday :tada:

➡️ Individual Learning Survey for the Needs Analysis – @west7

  • An analysis report of the data is scheduled to be published on April 6th – this week! See this recent update for more information.

:arrow_right: Introduction to WordPress Development syllabus – @psykro

  • A syllabus was published last week. Please comment on the post with any comments you have. We’re also looking for folks to help build the content for this syllabus :eyes:

:arrow_right: Gutenberg Rapid Website Recreation Videos – @jamesmarsland

Jamie produces fantastic content for YouTube, and he’s looking for feedback about whether they’d be a good fit for Learn WordPress, too. Please check out the information in the following GitHub issue, and leave your thoughts as comments there :smiley:

Here is an example of Jamie’s videos on YouTube: 

7. Open Discussions

@psykro mentioned,

I just wanted to mention that next week Tuesday is the next scheduled APAC @faculty-dev-squad triage session, and he will be AFK. If anyone else in the APAC dev squad wants to lead that session, please let him know, so that I can arrange the relevant announce permissions for the #meta-learn channel. he also noticed that from what he can see the AMER dev squad has not yet been able to hold a triage session, so he wanted to check in with them and see if there’s anything he can do to assist.

@digitalchild also shared an interest to hold next weeks session.

 8. Other ways to contribute

And as we come to the end of the hour, I wanted to mention a few easier ways folks can contribute to the Training Team.

You can see all meetings scheduled on this meeting calendar. If you are new to the Training Team, then come walk through our onboarding program to get to know the team and how we work. And if you have questions, feel free to reach out in the #training Slack channel at any time.

#learn-wordpress, #training, #training-team