Meeting agenda for April 04, 2023

This week’s meeting will be held in the APAC timezone on Tuesday, April 04, 2023, at 07:00 UTC. @bsanevans will be hosting.

1. Intro/Welcome

Welcome to all new teammates who joined the Training Team this week!

2. News

  1. Meeting Note Takers
  2. How can we streamline meeting agenda/recap posts? Reps have two ideas:
    1. Agenda in GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner., recap on the blog
    2. Detailed agenda on the blog, and add notable discussions in the comments section.
  3. What’s new on Learn WordPress in March 2023
  4. A new handbook page Published:
  5. Proposal: How to run a Learn WordPress course cohort
    • This new proposal is looking for your feedback by April 7th.
  6. News from other WordPress teams
  7. Upcoming Workshops
  8. How about temporarily relocating the other projects section from the agenda to the Paused column of the Github Training team Administration Project board?
    • To avoid unnecessary notifications for our team members, we will exclude the on-hold projects from the current agenda and add them back when they are resumed.
  9. Contributor Badge Awarded – @karthickmurugan and @esratpopy

3. Creating content for the WordPress 6.2 release

Please reference the resources below as we prepare content on Learn for the 6.2 release.

Content for 6.2

4. Content published in the last week

5. Open requests for review

6. Project updates

7. Open discussions

If you have topics you’d liked discussed in the meeting, please leave them as a comment on this post.

You can see all meetings scheduled on this meeting calendar. If you are new to the Training Team, then come walk through our onboarding program to get to know the team and how we work. And if you have questions, feel free to reach out in the #training Slack channel at any time.