February 2023 Faculty Meeting

Faculty Members have opted into an asynchronous meeting every 15th of the month (or the closest business day). We will hold our meeting over a two-week period, and the meeting host (typically the poster) or another assigned individual will post discussion outcomes at the end of the feedback period.

Please find outlined below Updates for review, Topics for Discussion, and items that require assistance in the Working Together section. The meeting host will add a comment for each topic for discussion.

Discussion period: 16–28 February, 2023


Here are some recent happenings and open feedback requests.

Open Feedback Requests

Topics for Discussion

Please comment on this post with answers to the Faculty Member check-in items and your input on our topics for discussion.

  • Check-in: Please feel free to answer some or all of the below self check-in items:
    • How are you doing?
    • What’s your bandwidth like?
    • Anything you’d like extra eyes on?
    • What things will you be focusing on in the coming month?
    • How best can you help or be tapped in this coming month?
  • We are seeking faculty volunteers to help host Training Team meetings and coffee hours. Please comment if you can help host any of the upcoming meetings.
    • APAC: Tuesdays 07:00 UTC
    • Americas/EMEA: Tuesdays 17:00 UTC
    • Additional Americas/EMEA coffee hour: Fridays 14:00 UTC
  • Faculty Meetings
    • We are seeking faculty volunteers to host the next Faculty meeting. Please comment if you can help host in March 2023. Since it is an asynchronous meeting that takes place on the team blog, you would just be responsible for publishing a post just like this one.
    • Are you finding this asynchronous meeting format on the team blog useful? Do you have any suggestions for improving the faculty meeting process?

Have any other topics for discussion? Please your walk-on topic in the comment titled Walk-on Topics for discussion.

Working Together

Outlined below are the tasks per role that require assistance. All tasks are logged in the Training Team’s LearnWP Content Development board.


The following Faculty Members work to progress the needs of all roles: @courane01, @azhiyadev, @webtechpooja, @piyopiyofox, @courtneypk, @bsanevans


Faculty Members: @fikekomala @aion11 @mrfoxtalbot, @digitalchild, @afshanadiya

Editor assistance required

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Faculty Members: @wpscholar, @annezazu, @pbrocks, @richtabor, @chetan200891, @HardeepAsrani, @chrismkindred, @amitpatelmd, @psykro, @digitalchild, @afshanadiya

SME assistance required

Content Creator

Faculty Members: @amitpatelmd, @psykro, @arasae, @west7, @ndiego, @trynet, @chrisbadgett, @colorful-tones, @eboxnet, @robinwpdeveloper, @caraya

Content Creator assistance required


Faculty Members: @onealtr @meaganhanes

Admin assistance required