Training Team: Discovering our Values

On January 23rd, the Training Team will be conducting two 2-hour exercises to discover our shared values. These exercises are open to anyone interested in participating, and will be recorded. Here are the session details:

  1. January 23 07:00 UTC to January 23 09:00 UTC, facilitated by @bsanevans
  2. January 23 19:00 UTC to January 23 21:00 UTC facilitated by @angelasjin

If you are interested in participating, please let either Ben or Angela know to receive a calendar invite.

Note: Both sessions will cover the same content. In addition, the second session will also focus on combining discussions from the first session to come up with one set of values. 

But why values? Shouldn’t we focus on strategy or goals?

Great question! Strategy and goals are undeniably important. But for this exercise, we’re going to focus on values. The Training team is instrumental and has the potential to help current and future WordPress enthusiasts around the world be successful with WordPress! How we get there together, in a way that we feel most proud of, requires a strong understanding of what we value in this space. With a good grasp on our shared values, we can then better identify strategy and goals that Training Team members feel fully aligned with. 

How will this exercise work?

The exercise will take place over Zoom, and will invite participants to reflect on their contributions to the WordPress Make Training Team. This is an interactive exercise, so participants will also be invited to answer questions, share their perspectives, and join in active conversation. We’ll identify the Training Team’s shared values and reflect on how we want to carry those values forward.

In preparation for the values exercise, participants are asked to reflect on the following questions in advance:

  • Recall a past team experience (any team experience in your past, whether in the WordPress community, with a current or past job, etc.) that was incredible. What made this a peak experience for you, and what values were key to enabling that experience? 
  • What’s the best version of the Training team? For example, if in three years, this team because wildly successful, what contributions are you making? What does that success look like, and why is that success important to the Training team? 

See you on January 23rd!

Many thanks to @bsanevans, @webtechpooja, @courane01, @azhiyadev, and @piyopiyofox for helping to plan these sessions and review this post.