Training Team Meeting Recap for November 1, 2022

Slack Log for Team Meeting (APAC on Tuesday, November 1st, 07:00 UTC)

Slack Log for Office Hour (AMER/EMEA on Tuesday, November 1st, 16:00 UTC)

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The meeting agenda.

Introductions and Welcome

Attendees Team meeting (APAC):@webtechpooja, @piyushmultidots, @pitamdey, @askaryabbas, @knilkantha, @vanpariyar, @chetan200891, @sagarladani, @piyopiyofox, @amitpatelmd, @robinwpdeveloper, @psykro, @kharisblank, @eboxnet, @n8finch, @courane01, @arasae, @artdecotech, @courtneypk, @onealtr, @bsanevans

Attendees Office hour (EMEA/AMER): @courane01, @arasae, @webtechpooja, @piyushmultidots, @kharisblank, @amitpatelmd, @eboxnet, @n8finch, @arasae, @artdecotech, @courtneypk, @onealtr, @bsanevans

Welcome to the team: @lenalekkou, @nedrosat, @fortissimo1009, @bharatthapa, @themeatelier, @grwgreg, @ghernkadence, @greenshady

Meeting Note Takers


Time Shifts in North America & Europe so EMEA/AMER team meeting will shift to local time from Nov 6th.

The new time will be 5 PM UTC.

Summary Update: Courses Currently in Development or Published (1 November 2022)
Please have a look at the course update which is currently in Development. thanks, Wes for posting a summary update. Redesign Update
Context: This post is a community update on the progress and next steps of the website redesign project. Please have a look and share your thoughts on the post.

Managing Projects and Terminology: DRI
Recently the term DRIDRI Directly Responsible Individual - the people who are taking ownership or responsibility for a particular project or feature. was used in one of the proposals and at that time the term was new for the team. So Our Faculty Member @Destiny decided to explain the term and published a post. If you are new to the team and come across this term recently. Please go through this post and you will get to know all about it. Thanks, Destiny for the nice explanation.

WordPress 6.1 Release Day
WordPress 6.1 is going to release soon and The 24-hour code freeze started today at 22:30 UTC.
The stable release party will start on Tuesday, 1 November 2022 at 23:30 UTC in the #core Slack channel.


October 2022 Monthly Faculty Meeting – The training team has a faculty meeting last Tuesday/Wednesday of the month.

Cross-team collaboration initiative:
we are planning this to start from Mid Nov, if you are interested please go to the following slack thread and show your interest there.

:tada: Courses published:
A Developers Guide to Block Themes – Part 1 Props: @psykro. Thanks, Jonathan for all your hard work.

Course review checklist:
Recently we have asked about is there any checklist for reviewing course, so for now we don’t have but we have some nice suggestions on it. Please have a look at if anyone would like to review the course.

  • Include in GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner. issue – we can include review process/points in respective Github issue
  • Attribute the reviewers
  • Ideas so far – Please go through this doc and provide your feedback and if you have any ideas please share them with us.

Request for Comments

  1. Proposal: Faster Course Development with Video-Based Courses
  2. Project Thread: Content Localization Foundations Draft
  3. Proposal: Create a new onboarding experience to the Training Team (Please comment by mid-November.)

Please go through these proposals and give your comment by Mid- November.

WordPress 6.1 Sprint

  1. Information Sources for WP 6.1
  2. Use this while creating content and testing WordPress 6.1 (preconfigured site with content, theme, etc. all pre-set for creating content)
  3. See what needs to be revised/created in WP 6.1
  4. Text, screenshots, and familiarization ideally completed by Oct 11/RC1.
  5. Videos completed by Oct 28
  6. Release Nov 1

Open Discussions

If anyone wants to share anything, please feel free to share.

Upcoming Meetings

You are welcome to join the team at any time! If you are new to the Training Team, please introduce yourself in the #training channel before the meeting (or anytime!), and feel free to join us in the meeting and participate as you are able.

Training Team Mission

The WordPress training team helps people learn to use, extend, and contribute to WordPress through synchronous and asynchronous learning as well as downloadable lesson plans for instructors to use in live environments, via

Getting Involved

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in, comment on posts, and participate in meetings and on projects.

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