Become an Online Workshop Facilitator or Tutorial Presenter Today!

The Training Team offers many ways for contributors to create content for This month, I’ve been processing applications people submit to become Online Workshop Facilitators and Tutorial Presenters. I realized some people may not be aware of these contribution opportunities, and wanted to take a moment to reintroduce them to the team.

What are Online Workshops and Tutorials?

Online Workshops are interactive learning opportunities, often hosted via Zoom. They are safe spaces where people can come as they are, develop new ideas, explore issues, ask questions, network over shared interests, exchange theories, collaborate on work, and thrive in uncertainty. Online Workshop Facilitators are volunteers who host these workshops and encourage attendees to join in on the topic being looked at in the session.

Tutorials are short standalone videos that walk viewers through a process, or teach a WordPress-related concept. Tutorial Presenters are the driving force behind the creation of Tutorials on Learn WordPress, and are the voices people hear when they watch these recordings.

This sounds interesting! How can I join?

The Training Team is always looking for new contributors to facilitate Online Workshops, and present Tutorials! You can apply to become each of these roles below:

Having knowledge or experience about the topic you’ll present on is useful. But you don’t need to be an expert to apply to these roles! Let us know in the application form how familiar you are with your presentation topic, and what sort of assistance we can offer you to help you be successful. If you have any questions about joining, feel free to reach out in the #training SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channel, and we’d be happy to answer those questions for you.

What is reviewed in the application process?

The Training Team offers many opportunities for people to contribute without the need to apply. The Online Workshop Facilitator and Tutorial Presenter roles are unique in that there is a vetting process. One reason is because the team is looking for people who follow the WordPress Community code of conduct, and honor the WordPress guidelines around licensing and trademark usage. You can read more details about the vetting processes below:

Thanks for reading. We look forward to seeing you join our team of Facilitators and Presenters!

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