July 2022 Monthly Faculty Meeting

Welcome to this month’s Faculty Meeting!

Faculty Members have opted in to an asynchronous meeting every 15th of the month (or closest business day). We will hold our meeting over a two week period, and the meeting host (typically the poster) or another assigned individual will post discussion outcomes at the end of the feedback period.

Please find outlined below Updates for review, Topics for Discussion, and items that require assistance in the Working Together section.

Discussion period: [TIMEFRAME]


Here are some recent happenings and open feedback requests.

  • Open Feedback Requests:

Topics for Discussion

Please comment on this post with answers to the Faculty Member check-in items and your input on our topics for discussion.

  • Check-in: Please feel free to answer some or all of the below self check-in items
    • How are you doing?
    • What’s your bandwidth like?
    • How best can you help or be tapped in this coming month?
    • Anything you’d like extra eyes on?

Have any other topics for discussion? Please edit the post to include it here and discuss in the body of the post.

Working Together

Outlined below are the tasks per role that require assistance.


The following Faculty Members work to progress the needs of all roles: @courane01, @azhiyadev, @webtechpooja, @hlashbrooke, @piyopiyofox, @courtneypk, @bsanevans


Faculty Members: @fikekomala @aion11 @mrfoxtalbot, @digitalchild, @afshanadiya

Assistance required

  • There are # items Ready for Review:

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Faculty Members: @wpscholar, @annezazu, @pbrocks, @richtabor, @chetan200891 , @HardeepAsrani, @chrismkindred, @amitpatelmd, @psykro, @digitalchild, @afshanadiya

Assistance required

  • There are # Topic Ideas that require vetting:

Content Creator

Faculty Members: @amitpatelmd, @psykro, @arasae, @west7, @ndiego, @trynet, @chrisbadgett, @colorful-tones, @eboxnet

Assistance required

  • There are # Ready to Create items requiring assignment:


Faculty Members: @onealtr @meaganhanes

Assistance required


  • Proposal: Merging Lesson Plans, Video Tutorials, and Slides
    • Do we have a consensus on how to move forward with this?
    • Explore how this relates to Rethinking Lesson Plan Creation Process – Let’s discuss both of these threads to come to a consensus on a way to move forward. Discussion Frame:
      • Existing Lesson Plan Goals (as Sarah sees them)
        • To make the process bite-sized so people can contribute what they can with the time that they have.
          • Are we succeeding in this endeavor? If so, why? If not, what could we change?
        • To entrench the process in instructional design best practices so that the quality is A++ from start to finish (with an eye on eventual certifications)
          • How can we make this process more accessible to lower the bar of entry for quality contributions?
        • To be able to track what people are doing so everything is public, we can market it, and we can celebrate!
    • What’s working to make the bar entry lower in other places? What can we change
      • Online Workshops
      • Video Tutorials
      • Note Taking
      • Review Process
      • Faculty Program
    • How can we make contribution easier for beginners, and make onboarding newcomers smoother?
  • Enabling and empowering new contributors to put on Online Workshops
    • How can we make space to allow new contributors to be vulnerable and make mistakes?
    • How can we do better to check our biases to ensure we relay constructive feedback for new contributors to action?