The Training Team Faculty Program is now live

The Training team Faculty Program is now live and accepting applications for folks to join the faculty team.

Use this link here to apply to join the Faculty Program today! You can also check out this page here for more information on how prospective faculty members’ applications are evaluated.

What is the Faculty Program?

The need for a Faculty Program similar to Community Deputies Program (see details here) was explored in October 2021 (see post here) as a path forward to better identify volunteer positions for folks joining the team, organizing work, and ensuring that the team is meeting the targets set together.

Note that just as you do not need to be a Community Deputy to contribute to community work, you do not need to be a Faculty Program member in order to contribute to the Training team’s goals. The benefit of a formalized and publicly listed Faculty team is that it makes it easier to know who is doing the work and able to set targets for getting things done.

The four broad role categories of responsibilities instituted in this program are:

  • Content Creators: Content Creators contribute new content to Learn WordPress. 
  • Editors: Editors assist with editing content created by the content creators.
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs): SMEs work with content creators and editors to provide expertise in their relevant subject area to ensure that the content is accurate and complete.
  • Administrators: Administrators perform the management and operations work involved in the Training Team and Learn WordPress.

You can read more in-depth information about these roles on the Areas of Responsibility page here, and explore what types of tasks can be performed within these roles in the Training Teams roles page here.

What’s next?

Existing Faculty members will be processing any applications that come in through the form, and will also start reaching out to community members who may be a good fit.

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