#Contribute2WP – Learn/Training Contributor Day

In conjunction with WP Engine, the Training team will host an onboarding session for contributors interested in working on Learn.WordPress.org. WP Engine will host the contributor times from 8 am PDT on October 29 to 8 am PDT on October 31.

Learn WordPress Includes:


Lesson Plan


Contribution Needs:

Learn has a lot of work in progress

Want to get up to speed with some of the big decisions happening about LearnWP? Review and comments welcome.

  1. Learner achievements for courses
  2. Learn WordPress Needs Assement Results (UXUX UX is an acronym for User Experience - the way the user uses the UI. Think ‘what they are doing’ and less about how they do it. Audit Results)
  3. A Dedicated Volunteer Program for the Training Team
  4. Should Learn WordPress contributors be GPL compliant?
  5. PROPOSAL: Ensuring high-quality video contributions to Learn WordPress
  6. Monthly Sprints (What we’re creating now)