Recap for Training Team Meeting October 5, 2021

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The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

Introductions and Welcome

In attendance: @azhiyadev @courane01 @arasae @rkohilakis @onealtr @yoga1103 @alexstine @peteringersoll @webtechpooja

In attendance async: @tantienhime

Welcome to the following:


  1. Welcome and Support Flow Wranglers – we are looking for team members interested in managing account access to Learn/Training team sites, and answering any questions for new people. This could also include helping new team members draft meeting recaps, pointing them to specific content in the handbook, and more. We’d really like help with this area.
  2. PROPOSAL: Learner achievements on profiles – please continue to share and provide comments if you haven’t had a chance yet. The proposal is to enable learners to demonstrate what they have learnt on Learn. We’d love to get feedback from employers who may look at .org profiles when considering employment.
  3. A Dedicated Volunteer Program for the Training Team – this is similar to #community-team deputies, but specific to the needs of Training/Learn. We’d love to get your feedback on this.
  4. PROPOSAL: Ensuring high-quality video contributions to Learn WordPress – content on Learn needs to be of high quality, but this must not be a blocker to people contributing. We’d love to get your feedback on what can be done about this.
  5. Wordsmith work session – Marketing inquired on our request to consider terminology. This can include what we name “a series of courses” or Training’s request to maintain vetting workshop and course creators within the team. This will happen tomorrow in the #marketing channel at 14UTC/10EDT with a Google doc collaboration session. We will conduct this session after their weekly marketing team meeting.
  6. Contributor working session – In conjunction with the #Marketing team, Yoast’s contributors will assist preparing social media posts regarding the content on Learn. This is an open invite for all contributors. We have also requested support for SEO planning around content on Learn. October 8, 8am UTC.  A big thanks to @yvettesonneveld for collaborating with us on this.



The following workshops have now been published:

Thanks to @rkohilakis and @west7.

@azhiyadev has incorporated turning existing lesson plans into workshops into our October Sprint.

October Sprint

  1. Learn Content
    1. Trello Board – Lesson Plan, Workshop, and Course Ideas? The cards on this list are in need of a contributor. Folks interested in just writing objective statements might want to write all those objective statements.  Another person may want to go find all the relevant docs articles. Someone else might want to go find the keywords they’d suggest using for the topic. When preliminary research/info gathering is done, we write lesson plans.  The remainder is usually finished up by a single person per plan, but not exclusively.
    2. Trello Board – Next Up Can You Help? The lesson plans in this list are ready to be drafted – Site Backup.
    3. Trello Board – Ready for Final Review? Getting Started with WordPress If anyone has feedback for @arasae please add it to the TrelloTrello Project management system using the concepts of boards and cards to organize tasks in a sane way. This is what the team uses for example: card.
      1. @courane01 suggested having a rough set of questions for us to use when reviewing courses.
    4. Courses on Learn
      1. @azhiyadev has noticed a few courses have been published on Learn, the training team is not aware of these.
      2. @arasae mentioned that the courses have been there but not featured since December 2020. They’re a string of video workshops.
      3. @hughlashbrooke mentioend that “there are also other courses in the dashboard that are published, but don’t show up on the frontend. There are two reasons for this, depending on the course:
        1. The course is in a public betaBeta A pre-release of software that is given out to a large group of users to trial under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through alpha testing in-house and are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product; however, design changes often occur as part of the process. phase where it is being tested out before being formally published. This is currently true of the Polyglots training, incident reporting, and getting started with WordPress.
        2. The course exists purely to house the quizzes – this is a ‘hack’ of sorts due to Sensei’s requirement that all quizzes exist within a course otherwise no one will be able to complete the quiz. I have some thoughts about how we could refine that!”
      4. @hughlashbroooke said, “the reason only some published courses show up on the frontend is that it is set to only show the ones that are marked as ‘featured’. That’s just the tool we’re using to make sure we can hold some courses in public beta and have others be properly live.”
  2. Learn Functionality
    1. As discussed at the last meeting, Learn Functionality now includes the list of open Learn issues on GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner. If you are interested in helping out then please let us know in Slack.
  3. Sprint Management
    1. The team discussed finding a new way to monitor the work being done and functionality issues on Learn. However, our highest priority at the moment is shipping and new contributors are now familiar with using Slack and Trello. The team decided to focus on shipping and come back to management at a later date.

Open Discussions

A big thanks again to those that participated in WP Translation Day.

Upcoming Meetings

You are welcome to join the team at any time! If you are new to the Training Team, please introduce yourself in the #training channel before the meeting (or anytime!) and feel free to join us in the meeting and participate as you are able.

Training Team Mission

The WordPress training team helps people learn to use, extend, and contribute to WordPress through synchronous and asynchronous learning as well as downloadable lesson plans for instructors to use in live environments, via

Getting Involved

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in, comment on posts, and participate in meetings and on projects.

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