WPTranslationDay: Subtitling Videos on Learn

On Wednesday, 29 September, the Training team hosted a WPTranslationDay event. We met briefly at the start of the session to review how to locate videos on LearnWP workshops that could be subtitled.

We were joined by many first-time contributors working on Five for the Future time at GoDaddy who focused on translating subtitles into Serbian. Additionally, @webtechpooja continued her incredible efforts on translating into Hindi.

We deeply value the work these folks have put forth, and look forward to helping more people Learn WordPress. We welcome each of you back for further participation as well. We welcome translation help with subtitling videos, translating content, and even creating content and videos in your native language.

We look forward to WP Translator Day 2022!

Props to @pendraq, @webtechpooja, @Jelena1402, @jzjacic, @n1x1, @majaloncar, @dimitrijemicakovic, @andtijana, @ivanagn86, @tazwordpress.