Captioning Sprint Details

We’re holding a sprint today for generating and upload captions and transcripts for all of the videos on Learn WordPress. Here are the sprint times:

More details here!

In addition to those above details, here is how things will happen during the sprint:

  • Meet in the #training channel in the Making WordPress Slack group at the times listed above.
  • Follow this comprehensive guide for generating, checking and uploading captions and transcripts – all of the videos have already been uploaded to the transcription services (Otter and Sonix), so you can skip the download/upload video steps and jump straight into the captioning and trscription work!
  • Use this sheet to check which videos need to be worked on
  • When you start working on a video, just say the name of the video in the SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channel so everyone knows and when you’re done with the video, please update the sheet accordingly.
  • If you need any assistance just ask in the channel! In order to be given the correct permissions and password you can ask in the channel and they will be sent to you in a private message. Passwords will be changed after the sprints are complete for security reasons.

You can join for any amount of time as you like during the sprint – if you can just be there for 10 minutes then that’s great! If you can be there for an hour or more, then that’s also great! All work done here is valuable and appreciated.

See you there!