Learn WordPress: User Survey & Focus Groups

Learn WordPress has been live since December 2020 and, in that time, the platform has seen solid growth in content and collaborative learning. While there are many plans in place for where the platform is intended to grow, a more structured roadmap needs to be established so that things can move forward with a clear direction in mind.

In order to facilitate this, a thorough analysis and needs assessment of Learn WordPress is underway. This assessment has a few different facets to it, one of which is direct research into what learners and potential learners would like to see, both in terms of content and the learning experience as a whole. In order to gather reliable data with which to work, a survey has been compiled and focus groups will be run. These will help answer questions about what kind of things people want to learn about and how they want to learn.

The survey is anonymous and open for anyone to complete – it will only take a few minutes to go through. You can find it here and fill it out right now: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LearnWordPress. The survey will be open until Friday, 13 August.

The focus groups will be video calls that last for about 1 hour and will include 5-6 people in each one. There will only be a small number of focus groups and people who join them will have no further obligations beyond attending and taking part in the call. You can complete this form to register your interest in being a part of one: https://forms.gle/jdk2qkkvGyszx1SG6. Focus groups will ideally take place during the week of 2-6 August but can be postponed to the following week depending on interest and availability.

These efforts will be the most successful if people with a broad range of skill sets and experience levels take part, so please share the links above (or just this post!) with as many people as possible. The results will be valuable no matter how well people know WordPress – whether they’re interested in using it for the first time, have just started using it, or have been using it for a long time already.

The results of the survey will be published on this blog, along with relevant anonymised data gleaned from the focus groups.