Recap for Training Team meeting July 6, 2021

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The agenda for the meeting can be found here

1) Introductions and Welcome

Attendance: @azhiyadev @courane01 @webtechpooja @chaion07 @thisisyeasin @peteringersoll @Frederico B. Teixeira @caseymilne @ashiquzzaman

Over the past week, @Frederico B. Teixeira @bransom @colorful-tones has joined the Training team

2) News

Thanks to @harishanker @evarlese and @angelasjin for facilitating the Ride Along. This is super helpful information around how the workshops on Learn are considered and approved.

As the work of wrangling content on Learn shifts more to the Training team, we are learning how Workshops have been approved and what work goes into approving presenters.

From that, we will continue to work on the idea of the Deputy program with @Hugh Lashbrooke, as that is currently still a #community-team function.  The rest of the process resembles how training has accepted lesson plan proposals through to finished published materials in the past.

Anyone can submit ideas for content to This will help connect folks more specifically into the workflow needed.

We have a few FSE Calls for Testing available: Theme.json and 5.8RC. These are great opportunities to see what is coming with the release of WordPress 5.8 on July 20.

By doing the calls for testing, we can start auditing Learn for what needs to be revised and documenting on our team Trello what new content should be created.

Last week we had a quick review of our June Sprint. For those of you that are new here, we are using the Sprint methodology to track our work on a monthly basis.

Our work is currently broken down into 4 sections:

  • Sprint content on Learn goals (Lesson Plans)
  • Sprint functionality on Learn goals
  • Sprint team functionality goals
  • Stakeholders meeting

1. Sprint content on Learn goals (Lesson Plans we are working on)

These are still being worked on we carry them into July (includes the current state of the lesson plan):

The following were set up as workshops; however, @wpscholar, @paaljoachim, @caseymilne are working on creating a lesson plan. @wpscholar will be taking the lead on drafting the lesson plans. We will add this to the July sprint.

Still needs an owner, unfortunately, we didn’t have any takers for this one. We carry it on to July.

 2. Sprint Functionality on Learn

The following is still ongoing and has picked up traction the past few weeks. 

3. Sprint Team Functionality Goals

The following was completed:

The following has not been completed but has gained some traction this past week, we will roll it into July:

The following are ongoing tasks and will continue to roll into further Sprints:

3) Stakeholders Meeting

We didn’t set one up but we have had informal discussions with #docs, #marketing, and #meta This will roll into July.

4) July Sprint

For July Sprint – in addition to the tasks that may carry over from June, we are looking at adding the following:

  • Lesson Plans on Learn – adding new content to the TrelloTrello Project management system using the concepts of boards and cards to organize tasks in a sane way. This is what the team uses for example: board for things that are changing in 5.8 including reviewing what we currently have on there (part of the audit)
  • Functionality of Learn – Consider partnering with Five for the Future contributors for Learn functionality. We’ve had a few companies considering supporting Learn and we would like to work with them on this.

Training Team Goals – 

  • Audit Learn Content Trello board. It will get quite noisy over the next few weeks but if we can get our board into a state that makes it easier for old and new contributors to understand.
  • Deputy program (as mentioned previously by @Courane01)

5) Upcoming meetings