Recap for Training Team meeting June 15, 2021

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The agenda for the meeting can be found here

Attendance: @azhiyadev @webtechpooja @courane01 @chaion07 @evarlese @FahimMurshed @piermario @kafleg @Gudrun Frank @geheren @ashiquzzaman @peteringersoll

WCEU Recap

WCEU was great.  Big thanks again to @abhanonstopnewsuk @OGlekler and @meher who frequently double between #marketing and #training, and all participated in helping organize WCEU, especially the #training team workshop.

You can watch the presentation portion at  

Learn WP roadmap session was up first.

We’ve had a few new folks join the team in the past week as part of that session. After this session, we had 2 different breakout times. @webtechpooja was able to join us for those as well.

 And @manzwebdesigns suggested a lot of great ideas in topics that we don’t yet have content and added that to the Google Doc version of the roadmap as well.

Sidenote – speaking of courses

@evarlese has published a few of the modules for the ongoing Training course to help out the course structure. You can share your feedback on this here.

Next @courane01 said that speed on changes coming in future releases, so we know what needs to be updated on Learn.

To do so, we’ll Test the Widgets Editor – as this could be a low-lift chunk of the content we can update on Learn over the next month. And if you want to be a part of testing, please fill in your availability Times this week to test.

Note – This will be a Zoom session that we record with screenshares from testing participants so that we can share it solely with the devs on this specific subject.  Bug reporting really helped @annezazu

Learn WordPress Workshop Review Ridealong coming up soon. This will be a zoom meeting with @evarlese 12UTC on June 29. This is intended to help the training team get up to speed on the workflow for workshops

@harishanker and @angelasjin will be joining us for that as well! we’re planning to go through the vetting process that’s been developed by the Community team, how that applies to workshop submissions, and talk through some avenues for folks to get involved

Next @courane01 submitted a workshop idea

@evarlese published Proposed user roles on Learn a few weeks ago now. If anyone wants to provide their feedback on this. You are most welcome.

Proposing an audit tool

@courane01 joined  #docs to brief their team as well on our hopes for a more refined audit process, as they would have similar needs.

They’ve opened a Google Doc to capture their feature requests as well. Though comments on the post are certainly welcome and wanted.

We need to update our lesson plan, screenshot, images when the new update is released. #marketing, #docs, #training  teams are exploring ways we can better partner with CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. to be super clear about everything related to releases.  We discussed that at Docs meeting as well, with support from @abhanonstopnewsuk mentioned there too. 

As a reminder, Automattic is conducting trials for several sponsored instructional designers that will be dedicated to Training/Learn.  The Automattic sponsored contributors here already have shared their updates and sought out what the team has been working on and priorities.  That speaks so well to this new initiative.

Current work in process

We’ve resumed sprint posts to organize the work happening this month.

As @courane01 was busy with WCEU prep, so she couldn’t make it possible to work on committed lesson plan.

We’ve got these lessons ready to be drafted: .

Upcoming meetings