Recap for Training Team meeting May 25, 2021

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The agenda for the meeting can be found here

Attendance: @azhiyadev @webtechpooja @courane01 @chaion07 @evarlese @Gtarafdarr @ashiquzzaman

Introduction and Welcome:

We have few new members joining this week – @Ben Lamb @davidperez


WCEU presentation submission was in the works. @azhiyadev and @courane01 met with @andreamiddleton (she/her) to clarify some details for the topic, as so much is in transition with Learn and Training both. @courane01 will be passing that along to Abha (wearing her WCEU team hat, though she does so much with Training/Marketing as well.)

The Training team is excited for WCEU that is on June 7 to June 9.

Andrea posted a proposal to change the training team’s mission statement and changed it with the approval of Josepha. If you want to go through the thread.

@courane01 suggested that we can meet up with others so that all could review the workshop submissions to observe and learn that process? On this @webtechpooja and @evarlese agreed.

There is also a good news that team handbook will be published before WCEU.

Upcoming meetings