Learn WordPress Working Group: 2021 Meeting Times

Last week, we came to a decision on the proposal to move the Learn WordPress Working Group from the Community team channels over to the Training team channels. While the working group, and Learn WordPress in general, have always been a cross-team collaboration, this move will help us to consolidate decisions and conversations around learn.wordpress.org into one place.

With the launch of Learn WordPress and this decision, we also have a very nice segue into revisiting the current setup and meeting times for our working group, as well as priorities and best practices for cross-team collaboration with the Training team.

Historically, the Learn WordPress Working Group has met once per month for contributors to work on planning for Learn WordPress workshops and discussion groups. This includes planning for vetting workshop submissions, approving facilitators for discussion groups, and coordinating with the Training team on overall content planning and features for the Learn WordPress website.

I know some folks will be less available in the coming weeks due to holidays, so I would like to suggest that we find time for our first meeting in early January 2021. Please fill out this Doodle with times that work for you. We will close this by Dec. 31st, 2020 December 23, 2020 and will share the best time in a comment during the first week of January.

In the meantime, I’d also love to use this post to invite a bit of input in the comments to help formulate our agenda and discussions for our future meeting. 

  • Starting with the discussion on the Learn WordPress: Blue Sky Thinking post, what do you consider to be the next priority or project for the Learn WordPress Working Group in relation to workshops and discussion groups?
  • As we plan for our first meeting of 2021, are there existing or new volunteers who would like to volunteer to work on specific roles or tasks, such as reviewing workshop submissions, outreach, or discussion group planning?


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