Agenda for October 30, 2020

Please join us Friday at 11:00 UTC in the #training SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channel for our weekly meeting! As a team, we will stick to UTC time.

This agenda is long. Consider a quarterly progress report and introducing topics we need to work through over the next few months. It would help to review the overview before the meeting and then clarify parts during the meeting.

Today’s Agenda

  1. Team Reps
  2. Additional roles
    1. Welcome committee
    2. Meeting note taker
    3. Checking inboxes from forms on Training and Learn websites for new contributors
    4. APAC timezone facilitator
  3. Badges redefined while not with GitHub & track current contributions & props. We don’t need to have answers now but do need to help track who has contributed during this season of transition.
  4. Audit update – all live lessons have had a first pass! Here are small chunks of areas to contribute:
    1. Call for screenshots contributors
    2. Call for code snippets help
      1. Proofreading
      2. Testing
    3. Call to remove some templated post content that has moved to taxonomy
      1. Target Audience
      2. Experience level
      3. Types of instruction
      4. Time duration
  5. Lesson plans nearly “done” – these are medium chunks of ways to contribute
    1. Refer to our Trello – almost done column at the FAR right.
    2. As a team, do you want to just pick and choose, or shall we start with those almost done?
  6. High-level organization and potentially larger areas of commitment for contribution
    1. Additional proposed lessons and organization of a series of lessons
      1. Learn WordPress Course Planning & our Trello lesson plan ideas (middle column roughly)
    2. Slides – we have talked about them for ages. They are useful for instructors to use when presenting. They may or may not hold up well in pre-recorded videos for the Community online workshop route, but can be.
      1. Historically, the team has settled on We have a good bit of content on that now.
      2. We rejected Google Slides after putting considerable work into 2 screen ratios and a template to standardize the look.
      3. Issue tracker
      4. Key posts
        4. (note, the team decided on open source tools as a requirement)
      5. It’s a big ask to have some means for slides functionality on the Learn site.
        1. Understandably .org is very stringent on adding plugins to a multi-multi-site.
        2. We need revision control tools
        3. We need a way to make it easiest on attendees to view slide decks, presenters to access the slides, and display in any manner
        4. Do we need the means for storing that to be open source-based code?
        5. If we add something to .org, what are our long term commitments and expectations to a new tool?
        6. Would this solve ease of contribution?
        7. Do we revisit tools again that we have already decided against?
    3. More granular auditing work is on the horizon. We need to plan how to track so many moving parts
      1. If/when we include videos on lesson plans (like the video Workshops portion of the site), tracking updates to those. Unlike Vimeo, WPTV videos do not get overwritten with newer uploads, so embeds will need to be tracked. Related – when it hits core, we may get chapter options!
      2. Links to Support/DevDocs articles –
        1. oEmbed?
        2. Taxonomy
        3. Get notified about articles updated
      3. Revision control for lesson plan post content. If a lesson is live, we need to have a draft version to prepare for releases and also to be proofread and revised before it goes live.
      4. Sensei assessments are an option on Learn.
        1. We have assessment questions for each lesson. Those do need to be available for facilitators in a live setting without requiring users have internet connectivity.
        2. We can additionally convert our assessment questions to Sensei quizzes.
      5. The trouble with terminology (teacher, coach, instructor, class, workshop, curriculum, course, class, and more).
    4. Cross-team coordination
      1. Workflows on releases and procedure
      2. Release squad
  7. Open announcements/discussion

You are welcome to join the team at any time! If you are new to the Training Team, please introduce yourself in the #training channel before the meeting (or anytime!) and feel free to join us in the meeting and participate as you are able.

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