Notes on January 3, 2019 Meeting

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Welcome and Meeting Outline

  1. Handbook Updates
    1. Revising the Style Guide
      1. Examples displayed should be relevant to Github formatting
      2. Slides style guide wasn’t functional as the slide display tool was discontinued. Suggest moving to . 
      3. @juliekuehl will update this page.
    2. Add tasks for semi-annual handbook updates to our team Trello board.
      1. 2 weeks before time changes begin, communicate about if the meeting moves times.
      2. Update a few places on the handbook displaying meeting times
      3. Update annual team goals
  2. Videos
    1. @jessecowens has been working on editing the atom video with some updates. He expects both the atom video and the one on slides to be complete by end of January
    1. The Design Team is still working on re-doing the design based on the recommendations of the meta team.
  4. Lesson Plans
    1. Regrouping about what lesson plans are in process next week to get more ready for the relaunch of the Learn site
    2. Possibly conduct a video meeting to brainstorm regrouping on lesson plans.
    3. Work with Kids Camps for workshop plans
    4. Repo Maintenance Labels for tagging lesson plans
      1. @courane01 will brainstorm ideas this week to be reviewed next week (January 10) and finalized on January 17.
      2. These will be part of the lesson plan submission process
    5. Meeting Wrap Up and Next Meeting Next meeting on 10 Jan 2019

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