Notes on December 20, 2018 Meeting

Slack Log (Requires Slack login to view. Set one up if you don’t have a Slack account)

  1. Welcome and Meeting Outline
    1. @juliekuehl Welcomed everyone to the meeting and reviewed how the #Training team operates for the new comers and also touched on the outcome of 2018 and the projects accomplished. Julie also outlined the purpose of the meeting and asked about the goals for 2019.
    2. Link to the 2019 Goals post
    3. Suggestion for more videos on our YouTube channel from @fahim.
    4. @courtneyengle suggests:
      • Tag & categorize lesson plans by versions, themes, etc. in Github (digging back to the old Content Audit idea)
      • Purpose statement about videos on Youtube (target audience is those contributing to and accessing materials from the training team, not the end user to be trained)
      • Write guidelines for plugins created by an agency
      • On-boarding buddies
  2. @juliekuehl mentioned that the lesson plans follow Bloom’s Taxonomy (more info) and that there are needs for translating videos from into lesson outlines.
  3. How to Contribute
    1. Look up projects on Trello.
    2. Review style guides available on our getting started page
    3. GitHub issues are listed out in 
  4. Comments about Gutenberg/5.0 and WCUS
    1. Suggestion on lesson for using 5.0 / differences between old editor and new editor.
    2. Newcomers to WordPress would not need lesson on legacy WordPress.
    3. @fahim links to Health Check Plugin
    4. @courtneyengle How to create a post lesson plan idea – reuse Comparing Classic Editor and Gutenberg for the tasks in creating a lesson plan. Create same plan using both modes.
  5. Meeting Wrap Up and Next Meeting
    1. Next meeting on 3 Jan 2019 and resuming the usual weekly schedule after that.