Proposed Change to Lesson Plan Template

The Training Team has been using the same lesson plan template for the past few years. It works well! I would like to suggest just a couple of improvements to make to more understandable, to provide some additional information about the lesson plan, and to help keep the emphasis on it being a lesson PLAN intended for instructor led training such as meetups, WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. workshops, or other such events. (Our focus is not on building online tutorials). Since we are rebuilding many lesson plans from the ground up at the moment, this seems like a good time to make this change.

Current Lesson Plan Outline

1. Description
2. Objectives
3. Prerequisite Skills
4. Assets
5. Screening Questions
6. Teacher Notes
7. Hands-on Walkthrough
8. Exercises
9. Quiz
10. Additional Resources

Proposed Lesson Plan Outline

1. Description
2. Objectives
3. Time Estimate
4. Prerequisite Skills
5. Teaching Materials
6. Readiness Questions
7. Teaching Strategies
8. Teacher Notes
9. Lesson Overview
10. Exercises
11. Differentiation Strategies
12. Assessment
13. Additional Resources
14. Hands-on Walkthrough

What Changed?

  • “Time Estimate” is added (and will be confirmed or changed base on testing experiences)
  • “Assets” is renamed “Teaching Materials” to be more understandable
  • “Screening Questions” is renamed “Readiness Questions” to be less intimidating
  • “Teaching Strategies” is added to help identify the best way to convey the material
  • “Lesson Overview” is added to provide a true plan for the lesson
  • “Differentiation Strategies” is added to provide ideas on how to accommodate different learning styles and speeds
  • “Quiz” is renamed “Assessment” to be more about whether the objectives were met and less about whether students “passed”
  • “Hands-on Walkthrough” is moved to the bottom so that the Exercises, Assessment, and Additional Resources don’t get overlooked, and to somewhat de-emphasize it.

I took the liberty of testing out the proposed template for the Content Editor Overview lesson plan if you want to see an example.