[Crosspost] Training Team Update 26 April 2018

Transcript in Slack

New Trello Board

WordPress Training Team Lesson Plan Development

There are new lists on the board, new cards in lists, and new information on cards.

  1. The START HERE list now has a GitHub workflow card with screencasts of how to work with the lesson plans in GitHub.
  2. There are some Power Ups enabled on the Trello board that we are experimenting with. GitHub, Slack, Custom Fields are likely the ones we’ll keep, but we also looked at Card Aging. (We are limited to three.)
  3. There’s a new list on the Trello board for Team Roles with a card for each role. Descriptions need to be completed and members who are contributing in that role added to the cards.

GitHub Update

WP Training Team

The lesson plans are all in GitHub as separate repos.

  1. There’s a new “repo-template” repo that is meant to be an example of how to set up new lesson plan repos.
  2. The workflow for working on lesson plans has been tested and documented (somewhat). There’s information in Trello on the current workflow.
  3. Rather than commenting in Github, comments are likely better done in Trello.

Lesson Plans in Focus

At the bottom of the https://wptrainingteam.github.io/ GitHub Page there were some ideas on how to combine lesson plans into workshops. The lessons for the “Welcome to WordPress” workshop are our current focus and will be used to further test our new tools and processes. Volunteers needed to help with those!