Recap of February 8, 2018 meeting

@juliekuehl announced the screencast for using GitHub is up at

Regarding transferring LPs:

I’m not sure if we’re ready for the next step to start moving lesson plans.
We might be, but here’s a couple of things to think about first.
1) We will need to tweak our style guide to reflect the realities of working in GitHub with Markdown rather than at Make with HTML.
2) We’ll need a process to track what’s been done/needs doing.

I’ll start with some thoughts on those action steps:
1) Set up project board in GitHub
2) Work on updating style guide (icons included)
3) Assign lesson plans for transferring/editing
4) Screencast of how to upload images and other supporting files
5) Screencast of how to do pull requests for updates once lesson plans are in place in GitHub

@Josh McIntyre volunteered to do step 1 by looking at the audit file from WCUS and create a list in the project board. Then they can be assigned from there.

@juliekuehl: Regarding the icons, perhaps we could use inline images from The Noun Project.

@pbrocks posted a “Markdown to GitHub Converter” screencast at

@juliekuehl requested for @Josh McIntyre have the project board set up by next meeting.

If all tasks are done we may be ready for “The Big Move.”