Recap of Meeting on December 7, 2018

@bethsoderberg welcomed newcomers and folks who were first timers at the WCUS contributor day.

Note: The Community team meeting conflicts with this. So far we’ll just keep it on our radar.

This meeting is to recap WCUS for those not there and use these notes to start an outline of next steps where we can take.

WCUS Accomplishments
Began to define new processes to make them more scalable
Set up GitHub repository
Audited all the lesson plans in preparation for migration, including those missing images or in need of updating
Brainstormed new lesson plans due to changes in WordPress
Started a new handbook

Goals Defined
1. create handbook based on new workflow
2. move lesson plans into github
3. reorganizing our website
4. fix the broken images
5. update for 4.8/4.9/gutenberg
6. make workshop recommendations from existing plans
7. accessibility workshop
8. consider team roles

Question: Should images wait until the migration to github?
@juliekuehl answered that it would be more efficient regarding the images.
@juliekuehl provided a link to github:
@juliekuehl provided a link to an LP there:

So it is decided that images will wait but we can start assigning out the rest of the content updates now so long as they are text changes done in

@juliekuehl suggested bringing down LPs on Make as they are moved to github

github workflow:
@juliekuehl : We opted for a repo for each lesson plan.
It’s not to terrible to simply copy over what is in Make
It’s cleaning up that takes time
It needs to be converted to markdown

@juliekuehl : Put together a screencast of how to work within github. But the workflow for maintenance and governance might still need work.

@donkiely and @pbrocks suggested ways of automating using either tools or websites that convert to markdown.

Discussion on moving them all over vs. having a workflow first. @juliekuehl suggested assigning lesson plans in Make for copy edits and having @pbrocks do the screencast of working in github. @lapinell will transcribe into an accessible format. @juliekuehl will coordinate on the content of the screencast.

@donkiely asked about ways of keeping track of high-level view of the status of LPs.

@juliekuehl said github projects can handle that.

@Josh McIntyre took these awesome notes:

Here are some highlights:

#1 – we need more people to help lead team meetings. This is a task that anyone who is familiar with our team/workflows/current priorities can take on. Feel free to reach out to me/@melindahelt/@juliekuehl if this is something you’d like to take on moving forward.
#2 We also decided that we’d like to have regularly scheduled team video calls to check in that way quarterly. Our proposed dates for these are the last Thursday of March, June, September.
#3 Our last big check-in of the year would be at WCUS contributor day as it has been in the past
#4 We need to write a handbook

@esteschris and @donkiely volunteered to check our Support Flow emails – these are emails being sent through the contact forms on our make site. BUT the first time @esteschris tried to email someone back the other day he ran into permissions issues. Also suggested changes to contact form at Please review by next meeting.

@juliekuehl : I may do the same for the GitHub topics/labels/etc

@pbrocks put the orientation repo on

Working on content edits over the next week:

Last thing:
@bethsoderberg p.s. I have tried to change the meeting time everywhere it is listed – if folks could tell me if they spot a reference to our meeting time in the wild that is wrong/has an old time, please reach out and let me know!