Plan for WordCamp US Contributor Day

Hello team! Tomorrow is WordCamp US Contributor Day. We have a few main groups of priorities for contributor day tomorrow. We will plan to split into two groups to deal with the following priorities. Contributors can work on just a piece of this or move to the other group mid-day if they’d like. They are as follows:

Priority A: Audit of Lesson Plans to Identify Needed Updates

  • Audit existing plans for WordPress 4.9 (and, really, 4.8 as well based on summer 2017 release date) and make a list of plans that need content updates.
  • As part of the audit, we need to make a list of any plans that need to be copyedited again.
  • We have learned that the images missing from some lesson plans can not be recovered, so as part of the overall audit would like to replace screenshots included in the plans.
  • We should take a hard look at WordPress 4.8 and 4.9 and create a list of any new features that need to be addressed in the “WordPress 101 Track.”

Priority B: Building a Team Roadmap for 2018

  • We need to finalize our new meeting time.
  • We need to take the ideas discussed over the summer regarding our new planned workflow and create a plan to implement these ideas. I am anticipating this is a huge task that will take much of the day. Our notes on next steps for implementing a lot of this are contained in this meeting recap post from 9/12/2017.

We have not heard from team members who can not make it in person about times for a video call, so we are not currently planning to have one. I think we should plan to recap WordCamp US on a team video call in a meeting over the next few weeks instead. Tomorrow we will document everything we do and share through the Make site and Slack.