Recap of October 24, 2017 Meeting

General Updates
None given.

Meeting Times

Times have been suggested and there is a spreadsheet of conflicting times from other groups.

What I’m thinking is that we have this meeting as another time to throw out alternate times that DO work for your schedules out there.

And then reach out to the people who we know aren’t here bc this time is bad for them.

And get a set of times together to do a doodle on.

So that we can see what works for all of us.

I am hoping that folks with super flexible schedules are not super picky with their doodle selections so that we can account for the needs of people who don’t have as much flexibility.


WordCamp US’s contributor day is in about a month and we should plan for this segment of our work to be the focus of that day for those of us who are able to be in Nashville. I feel like WCUS might be our opportunity to really organize and get unified on the plan for this so that we can go into 2018 with a spectacular plan.

We definitely need to come up with real activities for newer contributors who may not want to be part of this larger conversation.