Content flow chart (draft)

Hi all, this was posted on the Training slack channel, but it’s also here for easier consumption and commenting/reference.

A word of preface:

Ok this is a liiiittle bit overwhelming to look at because it’s consolidated into one space. My goal was to capture the pieces everyone has offered and what I’ve heard, and create thematic spaces with subflows inside them (each space). Then, I wanted those to be situated inside a newcomer’s POV, with the two areas they can jump in to participate/help. All of this is architected on the premise that we’re going to try Github, and knowing/planning for that made this task IMMENSELY easier (aka I got unstuck way faster). I hope that’s a sign that using Github will make organizing this flow IRL immensely easier. Accountability will be a different story, but I am confident that improved visibility of workflow and tagging others will improve accountability.

The draft flowchart:


We also discussed this in the 12 September meeting, so be sure to check out the Meeting Recap for that date.


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