Who Are We Creating For? (Personas)

It can help a lot when we get lost in the details of a large project, such as the one the WordPress Training Team is tasked with, to remember why you’re doing it at all. Who are we trying to help? Who are we writing for? Who will be using these lesson plans? We tend to default to “someone like me.” That’s not a good default for this team.

We agreed to try to come up with 4-8 (or so) personas. A persona for our purposes is a description of a person (fictional or possibly anonymously real) that could include things such as:

  • demographics (age, gender, that sort of thing)
  • where do they live?
  • who are they teaching?
  • did they volunteer to teach?
  • what is their background?
  • what motivates them?
  • what do they consider “success”?
  • how much time do they have to prepare?
  • how do they learn about WordPress?
  • what do they do for a living?
  • how do they use WordPress themselves?
  • do they attend WordCamps or meetups themselves?

I don’t have all the questions we should answer in these persona descriptions, so if you have ideas there, please make those suggestions too!

In a comment, please describe your persona. Give them a name so that we can refer to them easily. Describe them and their needs/motivation/challenges as best you can. All ideas welcome and let’s work together to make a really excellent list!