Where I’m getting stuck on content flow

Hi all,

Per our last meeting on 1 August, I am writing a blog post on my effort so far to create a flow chart to visualize our content flow. I am really pleased to have so much information involved to try to organize or at least look at with fresh eyes, but I’m getting confused. I ended up with more questions, which I’d like to get insight on and then I can move forward.

  1. What exactly do we mean by “content flow”?
    • We have at least three, potentially four, flows that could fit this bill, based on the information I got from others and collected in one place. If we are looking for just one master, then we can do that and have sub-flows.
  2. Who manages or should manage this content flow?
  3. How did the historic flow work?*
    • (Did one person usher something from beginning to end, or were there different folks in charge of a step and ushered various somethings through that step?)
  4. Where did it tend to break down? If not sure about specific steps that became problematic, then what might have caused a general moving away from this flow? What has been the ad hoc process in the meantime if that flow isn’t working?

This is probably enough of a place to start. I know it’s frustrating to belabor something like this, and I don’t mean for us to dwell on what “went wrong.” This is not a simple thing to articulate and lay out, let alone implement, and the fact that there is anything at all is above and beyond most teams I’ve worked with. I’m looking forward to chatting on the 8th!