June 27, 2017 Meeting Recap

Testing Updates
@melindahelt’s intro to WP at WordCamp Kent went really well: For someone who wants to do a start to finish WP 101, I’d say plan on 5 hours of instruction time for a workshop where the users are going to be building a simple site. Longer if you are going to cover installing WP and/or setting up hosting accounts. With poopy.life they were all up and running in less than 5 mins. That included basic WC breaks and no quizzes, using a prepared site. She included a downloadable .zip file with all the images and starter copy to save time.

There was some discussion on the pros and cons of using poopy.life (including lack of access for more dev-oriented LPs and the lack of longevity after your last login. Another service called thisistap.com was discussed.

Q&A and Announcements

Meeting schedule:
Next meeting is on the US Holiday the Fourth of July and the meeting is cancelled.

The next meeting will be on July 11. On July 18 there will be a video conference.

Problems on P2:
@bethsoderberg has been trying to track the issue in back-scroll on slack and figure out what ticket was submitted to whom. She also said @melindahelt is researching JetPack settings that have caused email notifications from P2 to stop. She needs help in understanding what to ask and who she should be talking to. @chmchm is working on a partially-completed LP and will continue with content but not upload any more images until the issue is resolved.