June 20, 2017 Meeting Recap

Lesson Plan Updates
@melindahelt is still working on the Enqueing Scripts and Styles lesson plan copyedits.

@bethsoderberg has a new contact who might be able to address the images issue according to @melindahelt.

@jillbinder said speaker training lessons are not ready to be viewed yet.

The Child Theme LP from @donkiely will be moved to copyediting.

@juliekuehl requested people put some eyes on https://make.wordpress.org/training/2016/04/26/speaker-lesson-plans/#comment-2654

Copyediting Updates
None given.

Testing Updates
@melindahelt will have updates on testing after WordCamp workshop Saturday.

Virtual Team Summit
No discussion because @bethsoderberg is offline and some think next week might be difficult.

Q&A and Announcements
@jillbinder said there was a small room for Training at WCEU with about 6 people. No information about what work they may have done, will wait for a report from @chanthaboune.