Recap of April 25, 2017 Meeting

@coachwp took the lead on this meeting in @chanthaboune‘s absence, welcoming some new and returning attendees.

Lesson Plan Updates

@jenwill mentioned that she may soon be looking for feedback on the progress of the Enqueuing Scripts and Styles Lesson Plan she’s working on.

No other updates on new/assigned Lesson Plans.


@donkiely asked if there was any update on why the images are returning 404 errors. No-one on the meeting had any additional information and agreed to wait for an update from @chanthaboune.

@coffee2code later responded with an update: Images have to be restored and a request sits with Systems to look into it.

Copyediting Updates

@mike_piercy noticed some grammatical errors on some pages and @juliekuehl granted access edit to update.

@awakekat noticed some editing required on the Child-Theme quiz questions. @donkiely confirmed that this was marked as needing revision.

Q&A and Announcements

@juliekuehl asked if anyone knew if there was anything happening at Summit regarding Training. No-one on the meeting knew and @coachwp reverts this question back to @chanthaboune