Recap of April 18, 2017 Meeting

Lesson Plan Updates

Per @chanthaboune, these are lesson plans started but may need taking over:

  • Theme Internationalization
  • Enqueueing Scripts
  • Basic Theme Config
  • Speaker Lesson Plans
  • Finding and Using Theme Documentation
  • Theme Documentation

@donkiely gave an update on the Enqueuing Scripts and Styles lesson plan

@jenwill offered to take on completing the Enqueuing Scripts and Styles lesson plan. Yay!

@donkiely updated on his lesson plan reviews.

  • Conditional Tags – good shape, although uses theme files from Twenty Fourteen. Worth it to update those?
  • Custom Post Types – I just copyedited that in January, so it’s still good
  • Customizer: Taglines – did some light copyediting, but couldn’t finish since images are broken

@chanthaboune will give @donkiely access to the spreadsheet to directly update (and expanded all the rows so that he knows just how much work he’s gotten himself into!)
Led to a quick discussion about the missing images in P2. @chanthaboune will ping Scott-not-@coachwp about it.

The Style Guide is updated with the “built using” item in the Teacher Notes section.

Copyediting Updates

@mike_piercy is getting into copyediting and had some questions about navigation (the Next/Previous buttons that go to parent sections, not the next lesson plan; looks like the links are broken) and Online Tutorials.

@donkiely slacked off this week

Training Updates

@coachwp had some feedback about training the Dashboard lesson plan. Went very well, and it doesn’t need any changes. Next week he’ll be doing some training on themes.

Q&A and Announcements

@chanthaboune said that the WordPress Foundation intends to do some CMS agnostic, Open Source trainings this year in non-US locations. The plan is to use the lesson plans we’ve created for that, so we should probably take a look at those and see that they are all up to date/ready for use. @mike_piercy offered to help with the use of non-US English.

@jenwill pointed out that there are some contradictory times listed for the weekly Tuesday meeting. @chanthaboune is on it.