Recap of March 7 Meeting

Lesson Plan Updates

None given.

Copyediting Updates

@donkiely: Finished the WooCommerce plan. Many changes, so a review is needed.

@bethsoderberg will mark it in need of review.

Testing Updates

@coachwp giving first session in NYC Mar. 8.

@skarjune started ongoing between workshop on WordPress Content Management with a focus group of 4 communications professionals.

This continued with a discussion of confusion between .com and .org, and between WordPress and commercial site builders. @skarjune is starting with getting a account as an introduction into the ecosystem. Also discussed is the differences in the admin interfaces and how that can be confusing to a person new to WordPress.

WCEU Community Summit

@chanthaboune and @bethsoderberg are trying to dig up the suggested topics from a CSV and PDF. Request for more topics.

@chanthaboune wondered if @wpaleks and @juliekuel would be available.

@bethsoderberg: one suggested topic is: Certification / Gamification / Testing / Whatever

@bethsoderberg, viewing Preview of CSV/PDF files, found several that were just titles with no description and tagged with other a bunch of other teams.

@bethsoderberg: I think it’s hard to propose much given that we know most of us won’t be there.

@chanthaboune agrees and suggest that we not have any topics but that she come as a rep proxy.

@bethsoderberg suggest a virtual “team summit” video meeting after WCEU to have an open forum with this team. Cannot talk about things discussed at WCEU because of safe spaces rule.

@donkiely: Is Trello current on what LPs are ready for copyediting.

@bethsoderberg: It is unless there are updates from last week.

@donkiely to update on some that he may grab