Recap of February 21, 2017 Meeting

Slack log (requires Slack login to view. Set one up if you don’t have a Slack account).

Lesson Plan Updates

Copyediting Updates

  • @bethsoderberg has an audit update. There are a few lessons that we’re missing updates on. Current Trello board:
    • Let’s do a better job of sending links to lessons when we talk about them in chat.
  • @esteschris, @vmarie is also interested, @donkiely, and @meaganhanes are in need of new lessons for copyediting.
  • @esteschris: Copyediting is done on and had questions about how to make images available for everyone. Chris will confirm all necessary changes are made.
    • Once we’ve edited it, do we move it on the board?
    • No, let’s do it in the weekly check-ins (either Slack or on the agenda post) so that it’s all tracked in one place.

Testing Updates

  • @coachwp’s program starts on March 8th. This program is for kids and features 6 sessions once a month.
  • Morgan Estes is testing Choosing and Installing Themes with the Oklahoma City meetup group


  • WCEU has a community summit AND a contributor day this year, so let’s figure out if we have topics we need to cover.
  • Please leave feedback on the accessibility workshop outline:
  • @esteschris and @chanthaboune will be at the WordCamp Atlanta contributor day.