SupportFlow Lesson Testing Feedback Overview

Hi everyone, so as we agreed on the team meeting, I took a look at the SupportFlow Lesson Testing Feedback and got it all together in one excel form for our convenience. It’s actually less items than it was announced at the meeting as more that half of the tickets in SupportFlow are results of people filling in “Make/training Contact form” from, not “Feedback” form.
What trainers said is in the left half of the table, and my notes are on the right, with the light blue background:

  • Fixed column is the minor things trainers noted which I fixed as they said
  • To discuss column are ideas I’d really like to get your opinion/approval on, and I highlighted in pink what is the suggestion based on
  • Notes mostly contains the info about what trainers said was lacking but it seems to be changed since so that you’d know we don’t need to worry about it 🙂

Overall, most of the reviews were really very positive, which is very inspiring, just one of them (the first) is kind of questioning the way we approach the lessons. But this is why it is one of the most useful for us I think! One of the things it suggests is creating a “Teacher’s guide” page which would clarify how the lessons should be handled i.e.:

  • It’s recommended to first show the students how to do the process described in the instructions, then ask them to repeat
  • Print out handouts or send out a pdf to participants before the lesson if you want to be environmentally friendly
  • Possibly, let the students know before hand what the prerequisites are
  • Any other kind of advice that might be applicable

What do you think of this? It might be a nice place for accumulating the advice on conducting the lessons and also a go-to resource to prepare for someone who’s not an experienced teacher. And, it could be we already have something like these recommendations listed, but I’m not aware?
So, please let me know what you think – feel free to comment in the post or in the google doc I mentioned!