Do we want to change our meeting time?

In yesterday’s team meeting we discussed that the current meeting time (17:00 UTC on Tuesdays) may not be the best meeting time for folks anymore and decided that we should poll everyone and evaluate whether or not we should move the time. Once we have a sense of our internal availability, we’ll check these times against the times of the other WordPress team meetings to make sure those aren’t overlapping with our meeting either.

And so, a few questions for everyone:

  1. Is the current meeting time problematic for you?
  2. Are there other times/days of the week that would definitely not work?
  3. Are there other times/days of the week that would be much better for you?

Please comment on this post and we’ll discuss in next week’s team meeting! In your comments, make sure to specify availability either in UTC time or to specify the time zone that you’re referring to.