Contributor Drive Planning

Yesterday we talked about the possibility of having the Training team be part of the March contributor drive (requesting testing, specifically). A number of issues were brought up including lead time and Easter weekend.

So I have a suggestion that I’d like some input on.

  • If we announce the drive today or tomorrow, would that get us around the lead time issue?
  • If we give organizers the option of the 3rd weekend OR 4th weekend for running a workshop, would that get us around the issue of Easter weekend?

I am going to start pulling together the lessons we do have starting on Monday, March 7th so that we have a clear definition of what we’re wanted tested. Just as a heads up, it’s possible that some things will be omitted (or lessons augmented) as I get it all pulled into a workshop format.

Let me know how that plan sounds in the comments and we’ll move forward as quickly as possible!