Recap of February 9, 2016 Meeting

Slack Log (Requires SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at login to view. Set one up if you don’t have a Slack account)

  1. Welcome
    1. @meaganhanes has responded to all the folks who have written in to SupportFlow to get more information.
    2. Beth shared the purpose of our team for the benefit of a few newcomers: We make training materials for use in teacher-led classes, not online tutorials/training materials. Right now we are focused on a specific set of lessons for use with Hack the Hood and other outreach/diversity groups that are out and about.
  2. Lesson plan updates
    1. Note: It’s possible the focus lessons might end up being the final workshop list for the quarter.
    2. Managing Media has some update that Mike will have by next week.
    3. @juliekuehl is done with the drafts of the What is a Theme and Intro to Common Plugins plans and these are both ready for copyediting.
    4. @skarjune has begun work on the Managing Menus lesson plan. Hopes to have Categories vs Tags drafted next week.
    5. @bethsoderberg is almost done with Managing Updates. Will be done by the end of the month.
    6. @melindahelt has volunteered to take on the Choosing and Installing a Theme lesson plan
    7. Our in progress priority plans:
    8. “All tier 1 lessons have a human!”
  3. Overall status update
    1. What You can do With WordPress is ready for copyediting.
    2. Local Install is also ready to copyedit.
    3. @taupecat‘s lesson ACF theme plan is complete.
  4. Copyediting updates
    1. Managing Media is in copyediting.
    2. Waiting to hear back from @jcasabona, who is copyediting Intro to Common Plugins
  5. Tabled Stuff
    1. Lorem Ipsum standards (and checking if there is an existing preference)
    2. Welcome Text progress?
    3. Revisit the Teacher Resources page (to update/confirm purpose)
    4. Need to find a place for the testing process write up


  • Kudos to Meagan for working on SupportFlow and keeping us all posted!
  • Kudos to Tracy for a well-crafted lesson plan!
  • Kudos to Kathy for two feedback submissions during the meeting!