Recap of January 26, 2015 Meeting

Slack Log (Requires SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at login to view. Set one up if you don’t have a Slack account)

Folks, we were So productive this week. Give yourselves a round of applause!

  1. Welcome!
    • No new folks, but all of our regulars were very lively!
  2. Status of priority plans
    • Categories vs Tags/@brilliantpamela
      • No additional work on this lesson
    • Content Editor Overview/@michelebutcher
      • Working on it this weekend
    • Managing Media/ @mikemueller
      • Ready for copyediting
      • It still needs quizzes
    • Managing Menus/ @chanthaboune
      • Will have by 2/2/16
    • Managing Post Formats/ complete!
      • Did anyone catch this for copyediting?
    • Managing Widgets/ @kimwhite
      • Needs a little more help
      • (Help received!)
    • Managing Updates/ @bethsoderberg
      • Will have by 2/2/16
    • What to do when You Forget Your Password/ complete!
  3. Additional lesson plan updates
    • What can you do with WordPress?
      • Chrissie is still working on it
      • Also tested it and sent feedback
        • There was a technical difficulty that caused the entire lesson to have to be done as a guided demo without a projector. Chrissie said it went well and is going to send in a little more info as a second feedback form!
    • General History
      • Scott is still working
      • Will have by 2/2/16
    • Local installLocal Install A local install of WordPress is a way to create a staging environment by installing a LAMP or LEMP stack on your local computer.
      • Done except for quiz questions
      • @chmchm, let us know if you would like to pass the relay baton on the quizzes!
    • Finding Help as Your Learning WordPress
      • Kathy tested and will provide feedback
  4. Copy editing updates
    • What is Akismet?
      • Tonia copyediting is complete
      • Ready for testing!
    • What to include in functions.php
    • Managing Comments
      • Copyediting is done
      • Ready for testing!
    • What to do when You Forget Your Password
      • copyedited the new quiz
      • Ready for testing!
    • Managing Media
      • Ready to be edited
      • Tonia will edit
    • Managing Post Formats
      • Ready to be edited
      • “Who will edit me?!” says the poor lesson plan.
  5. Lesson plan amnesty
  6. Open for Questions!
    • @jenmylo has suggested that, after the lessons are complete but prior to testing, we do a screencast of someone (other than the author) reading through the script and following along in the test instance.
      • @chanthaboune – could partially help with the screenshot issues since we might be able to take stills
        • @bethsoderberg – will we get rid of screenshots?
          • No, some people will still need them.
      • @mikemueller is happy to help with this
      • @chanthaboune won’t be started this week for sure, so look for a post on the P2P2 P2 or O2 is the term people use to refer to the Make WordPress blog. It can be found at to weigh in on the discussion
    • Screenshot Discussions
      • 12/22 – Screenshot styling and annotations:
      • 12/22 – Workloads for words vs visuals:
      • 1/19 – Screenshot purpose:
    • Should we continue to avoid all 3rd-party plugins?
      • With the addition of some 3rd-party plugins to the Tier 1 lessons (Jetpack among others), there is some  confusion around whether we’re sticking with the 3rd-party rule and making exceptions or doing away with the 3rd-party rule altogether. @chanthaboune is assigned to this research.

Tiny Postscript: Remember that everyone gets that Imposter Syndrome feeling sometimes. The important part, and the best way I’ve found to shake that feeling, is to remind yourself that you’re a member of this team because you want to help others learn about WordPress. The size of your contribution isn’t how you should measure yourself. As @bethsoderberg told us, everyone has something to bring to the table. And, of course, perfection is the enemy of progress. Kudos to both Kim and Mike for being brave and sharing they needed help.

So, get out there and write a lesson plan! Then come back here and proudly show us your progress!