Recap of January 19, 2015 Meeting

Slack Log (Requires SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at login to view. Set one up if you don’t have a Slack account)

  1. Welcome
  2. Updates on current lessons
    1. Akismet – @melindahelt is done writing and this is ready for copy editing
    2. Posts and Pages – @c3zh finished the content and @toniaslimm copy edited it
    3. What to do when you Forget your Password – @judylwh finished the quiz and this plan is ready for a final copy edit check
    4. Managing Comments – ready for copy editing and may need some visual assets
  3. Updates on copy editing
    1. Posts and Pages is copy edited and ready for testing.
    2. @meaganhanes and @bethsoderberg are tag teaming to copy edit “What Belongs in Functions.php.”
    3. @bethsoderberg is still working on the new welcome messages.
    4. @bethsoderberg will connect with @toniaslimm and @meaganhanes regarding distribution of the new things that need to be copyedited this week.
  4. Discuss/volunteer for the next lessons to work with
    1. @chanthaboune discussed her astute observation that we have too much content planned for a one day workshop and proposed a new way of approaching what our goal is:
      • For Q1 I’ve pared the lessons down to the feature overview and site management units (14 lessons, 1/3 of the original total) with the intention of adding on installation (2 of 3 are complete) and intro to themes (1 of 3 are complete).
        Intro to plugins is complete and needs one more round of testing to be ready for a workshop.
      • Regarding testing the lessons there is a problem in that each lesson isn’t necessarily long enough to allow it be tested individually. The solution to this may be to lump things into units and offer the units to groups as they become available.
    2. @chanthaboune will update the Lesson Plans to Test page so that it is up to date.
    3. The folks in the chat were generally supportive of this plan and we will vote on the plan in the P2 post about it.
    4. From this plan, the plans that we need to focus on this week are:
    5. If the content edit overview plan needs attention this weekend @melindahelt can take a look at it and @chanthaboune can work on managing menus if no one else is doing so.
    6. @chanthaboune will reach out to lesson plan authors who couldn’t make the meeting to check in on their timelines.
    7. @coachwp, @melindahelt, and @bethsoderberg are all making announcements seeking lesson plan writers at their respective meetups.
  5. Lesson plan amnesty
    1. This is an audit of all lesson plans currently in progress. If you are working on one of the plans in this list, please direct message @bethsoderberg to let her know if you’re continuing work on this plan (and if so, what your timeline is), if you’re returning it to the pool of plans to work on, or if you have other progress to report. If we don’t hear from you this week or next, we’ll return the plans to the pool.
    2. User plans
    3. Theme plans
  6. Questions on any other things
    1. @chanthaboune will take a look at the issue that Skitch is being discontinued and that we need a new screenshot annotation tool this week.
    2. The screenshots are being used for teacher prep, but are sometimes being added to the slides testers have made independently.
    3. Though the lessons were intended to be done like a live demo, what people have done most of the time in testing is lift things from the plans, make slides, and do a presentation, sometimes mixed with a demo, sometimes not.
    4. We should give the testing feedback form a little TLC based on all of the new things we’ve been doing and discussions we’ve been having.