Making Workshops Out of Lesson Plans

The lesson plans that the training team produces are intended to be modular. This means that it should be possible to easily string a few plans together in order to create a cohesive workshop. This is why we are always trying to ensure that all individual lesson plans ultimately meet the following criteria:

  1. narrow in scope
  2. consistent in format, style, and voice
  3. factually accurate (both technically and historically speaking!)
  4. peer reviewed through copy editing and testing

An idea that has been bandied about the team for some time is creating suggested workshops so that someone could use a group of lesson plans in a workshop format without having to dig through our materials to  figure out what which plans would work well together, which plans are actually complete, etc.

We are at a point as a team where we have a solid group of completed lesson plans, but where I suspect that the plans we have completed can’t necessarily be strung together to create cohesive workshops. So, in order to expedite the creation of suggested workshops, we need to do the following things:

  1. identify which lesson plans would be included in a particular workshop (note: a single plan can 100% be included in multiple suggested workshops)
  2. identify which of the plans identified to be included in the workshop have already been completed, which are in progress, and which haven’t been started
  3. recruit volunteers to work on the plans that have been identified as “in progress” or “not started

This post is intended to be a place where we can start brainstorming step one as a team. Which lesson plans (both complete, proposed, and perhaps not proposed) would be ideal to string together into workshops?

The workshops you are proposing do NOT need to include lesson plans that are 100% complete. The proposals will likely be tweaked as the team moves forward in exploring the creation of workshops, but will be a starting point for the team to create a more strategic plan to identify which lesson plans should be written and tested next.

Please leave your ideas for proposed workshops in the comments!