Recap of August 5 2014 Meeting Status of…

Recap of August 5, 2014 Meeting

Status of Modules in progress

  • Child Themes (@liljimmi)
    “Group Exercises” is now just “Exercises.” This was updated on the Anatomy of a Module page as well.
  • Anatomy of a Theme (@juliekuehl and @joyofwp)
    Julie is starting on this this week. Bud is going to help work on this module
  • Intro to CSSCSS CSS is an acronym for cascading style sheets. This is what controls the design or look and feel of a site. (@jerrysarcastic)
    Jerry has the exercises written and will put them on site this week.
  • Post Formats (@courane01)
    A new module created by Courtney Robertson added at WCNYC contribute day!
  • Web Fonts (@tgibs)
    A new module created by Tonya Gibson added at WCNYC contribute day!

Other Items

  • Teacher Resources page (@tecdoc)
    Tom sent out an email to JJ on the Install module. If he doesn’t hear back he’ll work on one.
  • Copy editing/Style Guide (@meaganhanes and @bethsoderberg)
    Beth got a ton of work done at WCNYC contribute day. She’s hoping to have a COMPLETE draft next week

The Island of Lost Modules

Below are a couple modules that are in progress and need some love in order to get completed. If anyone out there is interested in picking one of these up, please leave a comment!